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Author: The Editors
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 5-8
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Retrospektywne spojrzenie na przemoc rówieśniczą w szkole

Author: Aleksandra Tłuściak-Deliowska
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 11-32
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.01
PDF: kie/113/kie11301.pdf

Research on bullying in schools (1) are taken mainly in the quantitative methodology and (2) are conducted mainly on the regular basis in order to diagnose the phenomenon, evaluating its size and severity, as well as its determinants. The main aim of article is to present results of retrospective study on the experience of peer violence (e.g. the bully, bullied and bystander) at school (primary, middle and high school), with a particular focus on written statements of respondents. The data source was autobiographical memory of young adults. The study was conducted in the current academic year 2014/2015 among pedagogy students of the specialties of teacher education. As a result, the retrospective qualitative data about school experience of young adults were collected. Accept descriptions revealed a variety of personal experiences of respondents associated with peer violence at school, mainly from the perspective of its bystanders and victims. Data also provide a unique account of how adults view and perceived their school experiences.

bully bullied aggression at school bullying retrospective study violence aggression

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Szacunek dla autonomii kobiety ciężarnej a wolność sumienia lekarza. Etyczne konsekwencje odmowy wykonania świadczeń zdrowotnych przez pracowników służby zdrowia

Author: Justyna Czekajewska
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 33-46
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.02
PDF: kie/113/kie11302.pdf

The reason of moral conflict between a pregnant woman and a doctor is incorrect understanding principles of ethics and medical provisions. The erroneous course of reasoning often is leading to the contradiction heading fundamental assumption of medical ethics. According to the right to autonomy the acceptance of individual beliefs of the patient is the same important as the concern for her health, therefore one should treat the expectant mother with the respect respecting the sovereignty for her. In spite of the possibility of expressing the own opinion, the liberty of the subject cannot disturb the conscience of the doctor. Every man irrespective of the performed profession has the right to own beliefs, so the doctor can refuse to carry determined medical benefits out because of reported ethical doubts. In the article I’m going to establish the terms and what type of the benefits to explain are medical compulsory for a health service employee. To the purpose of the presentation of ethical problems of the medical conscience clause I will refer to example of abortion.

abortion medical conscience clause pregnant woman medical ethics autonomy laws of the doctor patient’s right

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Życie z szablonu CV. Doświadczenie pokoleniowe w narracjach młodych dorosłych

Author: Dorota Kuncewicz
Author: Wojciech Kruszewski
Author: Agnieszka Zasim
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 64-85
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.04
PDF: kie/113/kie11304.pdf

What narrative patterns do young adults apply when they relate stories about their lives? How do they perceive their lives? Finding the answers to these questions was the aim of the research described in this article. The study involved fourteen people aged 26–35, who talked about their lives in the form of a monologue. They were asked to speak on the subject: „Tell me about the last few years of your life”. The results of the thematised information analysis suggest that their narrations resemble autopresentations included in a CV or an application letter. The results of the implied information analysis point to the illusory character of what is said explicitly. The reconstructed hidden stories do not confirm the presented stories about successful life.

young adults narrations narrative patterns crisis of subjectivity

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Rzecz o bestiach, zgromadzeniach i publicznej partycypacji. Czyli o społecznym wymiarze orzecznictwa Trybunału Konstytucyjnego w analizie na wybranych przykładach

Author: Radosław Potorski
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 86-104
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.05
PDF: kie/113/kie11305.pdf

Judicial control of the conformity of law to the constitution nowadays serves as one of the basic guarantees of the observance of the constitution. In majority of continental European states it is performed by a particular body a constitutional court. So the same is true in Poland, however it seems still to be one of the least understood aspects of the functioning of our political system. And especially with regard to the opportunities offered by that for non­public entities to protect their rights and to influence the public decision making process. The awareness in this respect seems to be on a very low level. That is why the aim of the author is to verify a research assumption that the Constitutional Court jurisdiction has a serious social dimension, noticeable for Polish non­public actors.

constitutional court Constitution public participation

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Biznesowe aspekty funkcjonowania chińskich klinik poporodowych – analiza socjologiczno-ekonomiczna

Author: Joanna Afek
Author: Dorota Krupa
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 107-119
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.06
PDF: kie/113/kie11306.pdf

The tradition of ‘sitting the month’ derived from China is still a practiced custom to have a postpartum month after childbirth. Traditional rules applicable in a postpartum period were to help women rejuvenate their bodies after childbirth, to restore the balance of the body and ensure its future health. Today’s intensive economic development of China along with the increase in Chinese people’s savings contributes to creating a special and sophisticated offer for affluent social groups. An example of such an offer are postnatal clinics designed for wealthy Chinese women who want to have their postnatal period in accordance with traditional practices. The objective of this article is to show the business aspects of Chinese contemporary postnatal clinics and attempt to answer the question on how modern postnatal clinics combine tradition with modernity to make life easier for mothers, and to what extent they are another idea for doing business. The article addresses the major factors of the demographic and economic environment, which may have an impact on the prosperity of society and on the development of the market of postnatal clinics in the region. It also presents the essence of traditional postpartum practices in China. Offers of services to mothers and their children from fortysix clinics from Taipei in Taiwan were also analysed. It turns out that postnatal clinics are a phenomenon that could occur only within the Asian community. It is a product, which is very well inscribed in the Asian mentality and cannot be transferred to any another, such as, for instance, to the European mentality. Its future is limited to the Asian markets, or, possibly, to countries which have a Chinese diaspora on their territory. Over time, along with the spread of this traditional practice with a modern twist, the number of postnatal clinics can grow, which can translate into lower prices, a worse quality and a narrower range of services offered.

savings postpartum postnatal centers economic development China Taiwan

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Spektakl emocji, czyli kandydaci na ekranie. Kampania wyborcza i debaty prezydenckie 2015

Author: Agnieszka Kamińska
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 120-134
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.07
PDF: kie/113/kie11307.pdf

The field explored in this article refers to politics being used by media. The attention is driven especially to its final outcome, i.e. the presidential debates and the interpretation thereof in the broad context of the latest election campaign. The elections held in May 2015 were regarded as the most interesting over the past twenty years. The term ‘spectacle of emotions’ was very frequent in media commentaries. The subject of this article is based on the analysis of a few factors which composed such spectacle and the process of building up the tension towards the presidential debates. It is interesting to see them from the perspective of discussions held by journalists, currentaffairs commentators and experts in political marketing on the one hand, and the conclusions made by Polish and foreign media experts as well as J. Huizinga on the other hand. The results of the intertextual analysis will confirm, that even if politics itself is not entertaining, the television in 2015 enforces the entertaining style of politics.

elections spectacle elections campaigne politics presidential debate

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O wartościach i ich zmianie - raport z badań porównawczych nad systemami wartości studentów

Author: Mirosława Czerniawska
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 135-153
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.08
PDF: kie/113/kie11308.pdf

The present publication deals with the description of selected aspect of young people’s mentality, i.e. their systems of values. The research was conducted three times: in 2003 (325 respondents), in 2008 (379 respondents), and in 2013 (368 respondents), and it embraced students of the Bialystok universities. An attempt was made to establish if in the period of the ten years between the three surveys, and thus with the advancement of the transformational processes in Poland, one could observe changes in the mentality in the desired direction from the point of view of political transformations from ‘collectivism’ to ‘individualism’. The way of understanding values was adopted from M. Rokeach’s theory. To study the system of values, the Rokeach Value Survey was used. The obtained results lead to a conclusion that together with the advancement of transformation processes, young people’s systems of values undergo the transformation ‘towards individualism’ (except the comparison of the groups from 2008 and 2013). However, this ‘individualisation’ refers to a particular category of values. A growth of preferences for ‘pro-developmental’ values, which are essential for the system changes, was not observed. Instead, there is stronger acceptance of hedonistic values connected with the need for stimulation (an interesting, pleasant and diversified life), as well as the values connected with the social and material status. There was also an increase in the significance of collective values, which are a part of stabilizingaffiliate syndrome.

values of youths Rokeach’s value theory political transformations

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Tutoring akademicki-korzyści dla studenta, nauczyciela i uczelni wyższej

Author: Sabina Ratajczak
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 154-171
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.09
PDF: kie/113/kie11309.pdf

Tutoring as a teaching method is associated with the most prestigious European universities. More and more Polish universities decide to implement tutoring recognizing it as a way to create the image of an institution whose objective is to treat students subjectively and care about the quality of education. It is also a great method of improving talents and developing students’ and teachers’ academic potential. On one hand it is a method representing the elite personalized education; however, on the other hand, by means of providing the appropriate organizational conditions, it would also supplement the current educational process, which is typical for the mass education. The article presents the specific nature of the academic tutoring in terms of benefits that it would bring to the university, teachers and students. On the basis of the qualitative data collected during interviews with 15 participating in the program students from four Polish higher educational institutions, the program specificity and elements that, in students’ opinion, influence the program effectiveness were presented. The elements are as follows: relational nature of tutoring, tutor’s personality and classes in the form of individual meetings. Quoted comments indicate the effectiveness of this method, both in the context of students’ ability to be familiarized with the appropriate knowledge but also in the context of developing students’ communicative competence, ability to learn as well as increasing their motivation for learning. For teachers, tutoring is an opportunity to develop their didactic competence, to get rid of the academic routine, a chance to teach on the basis of constructing a good relationship with a student. For the university, tutoring is an opportunity to improve the quality of education and to implement methods of personalized education, which is associated with elite education and the best foreign universities.

tutoring personalized education teaching methods quality of education didactics elite education

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Dyskryminacja, akceptacja i niewidzialność nauczycielek nieheteronormatywnych na przykładzie wypowiedzi nauczycielek pracujących w kilku polskich szkołach

Author: Marcela Kościańczuk
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 172-191
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.10
PDF: kie/113/kie11310.pdf

The article is an analyze of non-heteronormative female teachers experience of their work place. It shows both their personal experience of exclusion (or inclusion) and understanding of that experience. Results are based on qualitative research (life-history interviews) with 8 teachers, analyze of internet phorum and also comparison with other European and American data. There are not a lot of research about such topic, not just in Poland but also in other countries, most of the European articles on this topic is based on qualitative research with few teachers. Results of such research should be presented and also should be an inspiration to other wider analyzes. Results of the research show that the majority of responders has never came out in their work place. They were afraid of discrimination and homophobia. The fear which was the reason of keeping in secret the information about sexual orientation was presented mainly among the teachers who were working in villages and small towns. Just on of my responders hasn’t ever heard any homophobic jokes or comments in her workplace. A lot of teachers indicated that ‘being in the closet’ is not comfortable for them because they have to hide a lot of information connected with their daily life and it separates them from the group of collegues. Most of them have founf one or two collegues and told them about their secret. Most of nonheteronormative teachers have good relations with pupils and these teachers connect their open attitude toward pupils problems with their personal experience of exclusion.

homophobia school system female non-heteronormative teachers coming out at school

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Studenci pedagogiki Akademii Pedagogiki Specjalnej w Warszawie i ich orientacje edukacyjne. Prezentacja wyników badań własnych

Author: Błażej Przybylski
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 192-209
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.11
PDF: kie/113/kie11311.pdf

The following article comprises the description of methodology and the presentation of the results of individual research. The aim of the realised project was recognising and characterising the educational orientations of pedagogy students. The author used the Polish adapted version of W.F. O’Neill’s questionnaire on ideological orientations to survey the educational orientations of students. The questionnaire estimates six detailed educational ideologies. This article presents the results of a survey concluded on a group of 506 students of the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. Among students the choice of liberal educational ideology is predominant. The number of followers of radical right-wing educational ideologies is marginal.

educational orientations ideologies students liberalism conservatism

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Badanie ankietowe jako element ewaluacji jakości kształcenia na uczelniach wyższych

Author: Marek Jeziński
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 213-227
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.12
PDF: kie/113/kie11312.pdf

The paper concerns on advantages and disadvantages of survey researches used as tools in the process of evaluation of education quality in contemporary Poland. Education quality is usually surveyed by using questionnaires accessible in electronic internet form as a part of the USOS system. It is implied that survey, as a research method, is an effective means applicable to measure opinions, attitudes and expectations of the students. Moreover, the internet form of survey takes the most of advantages of the traditional forms of research, which makes it an efficient tool in the process of evaluation in the higher education. This way of research prevail at Polish universities.

quality of education survey research higher education USOS system

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Finansuj lub giń. Ludzie nauki, prestiżowe publikacje a system finansowania B+R w Polsce

Author: Agnieszka Jeran
Author: Joanna Piechowiak-Lamparska
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 228-241
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.13
PDF: kie/113/kie11313.pdf

The aim of this article is to present the possible relationship between the level of financing of R+D, the R+D personnel rate (particularly in the higher education sector) and the presence of Polish academic research in the world demonstrated by prestigious publications indexed in the Web of Science (WoS). The research findings concern the analysis of changes in time and show a clear, strong and positive correlation between the level of financing of research and development activity and the number of publications listed in the WoS. The received result indicates with a wellfitting regression model that there is a direct relationship between the expenditure on research and the presence of Polish scholars in the international science.

Polish academic research higher education science policy research evaluation Web of Science publishing policy

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Transformacja uniwersytetu. „Kultury audytu” i neoliberalne technologie zarządzania podmiotami społecznymi

Author: Marta Songin-Mokrzan
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 242-257
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.14
PDF: kie/113/kie11314.pdf

The article focuses on the changes in the field of higher education which have occurred during the period of systemic transformation in Poland; particularly on the influence of the regulations introduced in 2011. Following Cris Shore and Susan Wright the author argues that reforms are not only routine, bureaucratic practices but they have a profound impact on social life. In the light of this claim she suggests that the new law not only enforced structural adjustments in the academia but also triggered the process of reshaping the idea of university itself. This shift can be explained in terms of neoliberalisation (in the Foucauldian sense), as the process of transforming academia into the institution driven and dominated by the discourses of efficiency. In order to achieve that goal various tools developed for measuring academic and teaching performance, assessing research quality and institutional effectiveness were introduced. The author pays particular attention to practices of auditing, also defined as ‘rituals of verification’, which play a significant role in the process of producing accountable, selfdisciplined and calculative neoliberal subjects.

higher education neoliberalism politics neoliberal subject audit culture

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(Nie)zdolność do reformowania szkolnictwa wyższego i nauki w Polsce, czyli zaniedbania w zakresie wiedzy

Author: Agnieszka Dziedziczak-Foltyn
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 258-273
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.15
PDF: kie/113/kie11315.pdf

The paper focuses of the role of scientific knowledge in the processes of conducting reforms and public policy. The case of higher education and science reforms in Poland carried out over the period of 25 years of new political, social and economic conditions shows primary knowledge negligence of the reformers which undoubtedly affected the nature of the current higher education and science system, reformed several times already. It also furnishes some recommendations on how these processes may be improved. In the empirical dimension, the starting point was the concept of metaknowledge (i.e knowledge about knowledge), encompassing three aspects connected with generating and using knowledge in the context of higher education and science reforms, which are ringfenced basing on different methodologies:
(1) knowledge about reforming – theoretical literature query;
(2) knowledge in reforming – analysis of experts’ reports;
(3) knowledge of reformers – results of studies on the processes of learning and knowledge management in public administration.
The postulate of a broader use of scientific knowledge in reform processes is an attempt to indicate one of the key directions to follow when repairing the higher education and science system. For that reason, the role of social sciences has been highlighted, including, in particular, the role of sociologists in reform processes (as theoreticians and experts in the area of higher education and science). Furthermore, the need for sociologists to go back to the role of social expertsengineers has been signalled.

public policy higher education and science reforming sociology of knowledge

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Beata Bielska, „Magisterkę kupię”. Sprzedawanie i kupowanie prac dyplomowych jako element studenckiej kultury nieuczciwości, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika, Toruń 2015, ss. 248

Author: Magdalena Bergmann
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 277-283
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.16
PDF: kie/113/kie11316.pdf


Metodyka badań nad autorytetem – ujęcie interdyscyplinarne

Author: Paulina Markiewicz
Year of publication: 2016
Source: Show
Pages: 292-305
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2016.03.18
PDF: kie/113/kie11318.pdf


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