Training Young Readers in a Multicultural World

Author: Simoneta Babiaková
Institution: Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Year of publication: 2020
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Pages: 111-124
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This article presents the issue of child readership in a multicultural world. The article is based on the VEGA 1/0455/18 research project named “Research and Development of Reading Enthusiasm with Younger School-Age Learners”,2 in which a team focused its research activities on the personality traits of readers, the social context of reading and their reading preferences. The period when children first encounter a book induces and stimulates a cultural need in children. This need appears at a pre-school age and fully develops during the early schooling years of a child. The current multicultural school presents relatively new social contexts that accompany the child in the context of their reading experience and experiences. The contents, genres and forms that children currently prefer when reading change in connection with cultural and social diversity. The article presents certain findings from two phases of research in which the research team used the qualitative method of discussions with focus groups and a questionnaire to identify the typical traits of readers and non-readers, the social context of readership and their preferred content, forms and media. Several noteworthy differences were identified, which are closely related to a multicultural environment and significantly differentiate the young readers of today from readers in the past.


the social context of readership reading preferences reading enthusiasm young readers multicultural education

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