Are Daily Deals a Way to Cope with the Crisis?

Author: Ariela Mortara
Institution: IULM University in Milan
Author: Antonella Ardizzone
Institution: IULM University in Milan
Year of publication: 2014
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Pages: 105-121
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PDF: kie/106/kie10606.pdf

The purpose of this article is to present and analyze the foundations and premises of Nazi cultural policy, and the bodies responsible for its implementation, the two most important ones being: National Socialist Society for German Culture and the Ministry of National Enlightenment and Propaganda of the Reich. Policy in this case is interpreted as intentional activity of the authorities in the field of culture, aimed at influencing the attitudes and identity of the population of the Third Reich. The analysis covers the most important documents, statements and declarations of politicians and their actual activity in this domain. Adopting such a broad perspective allowed to comprehensively show both the language and the specific features of the messages communicated by the Nazi authorities, and its impact on cultural practices.


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