Basic information:

  • Please submit your manuscripts only via e-mail szymon[at]
  • Author of the paper should also attach an authorship declaration, copyright agreement and a declaration that the paper is not undergoing any publishing process.
  • Publisher counteracts ghostwriting and guest authorship practices.
  • Author can't edit the manuscript once it is submitted, thus we encourage you to send the final version of the paper.
  • The editorial staff does not return the submitted materials and reserves the right to make formal changes and add the necessary abbreviations.
  • Digital version of the journal is published under Open Access CC BY-NC-ND.


  • Example of the originality statement.
  • Rules for counteracting ghostwriting and other practices.

Editorial information:

  • Language: Polish, English;
  • Length:
    • Articles: 20.000–40.000 characters with spaces (including references),
    • Book review/report: up to 20.000 characters with spaces for a book review;
  • File format: *.doc; *.docx;
  • Page format: A4;
  • Margins: 2,5 cm;
  • Margins: 1,25 cm;
  • Indention: Times New Roman;
  • Font size:
    • main text – 12,
    • footnotes – 10;
  • Leading:
    • main text – 1,5;
    • footnotes – 1,0;
  • Text placement: justified;
  • Citation: footnotes, numbered with Arabic numerals;
  • Image format: *.jpg;
  • Image resolution: 300 DPI (for scanned illustrations);
  • Subheadings: unnumbered;
  • Quotes highlight: quotation marks;
  • Highlighting key words/terms/definitions (optional): bold;

The structure of bibliography and citations:

  1. general information:
    • standard: APA
  2. bibliography examples:
    • book: Kowalski, J. (2018a). Propaganda. Warszawa: PWN.
    • edited book: Kowalski. J. (red.) (2019). Public relations. Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Naukowe ABC.
    • chapter in an edited book: Nowak J. (2018). Reklama. W: J. Nowak J. Kowalski (red.), Reklama i marketing (s.10-25). Warszawa: PWN.
    • article in a journal: Nowak, J. (2014). Public relations. „Zeszyty Prasoznawcze”. Nr 50 (zeszyt 101), s. 30-50.
    • article in a newspaper: Nowak J. (2018). Jak działa PR. „Gazeta Nowosądecka”. Nr 60, s. 5-6.
    • electronic sources: Nowak J. (2018). Public relations w praktyce. Pobrane z: (data dostępu 20.10.2018).
    • in case of a few publications by one author at the same year:
      • Nowak, J. (2018a). Public relations. Warszawa: PWN.
      • Nowak J. (2018b). Public relations i reklama. Warszawa: PWN.
  3. citation examples:
    • standard: Nowak (2018)
    • more than one source: Nowak (2018), Kamińska (2017), Kowalski (2018).
    • more than one publication by the same author: Nowak (2018), Nowak (2016)
    • more than one publication by the same author in one year: Nowak (2018a), Nowak (2018b), Nowak (2018c)
    • author’s name appears in text: Nowak (2018) udowodnił, że…
    • no author: Research suggests that… (Nowak, 2018).

Additional materials:

  1. to all submitted texts:
    • information about the author, including: affiliation, current and accurate address for correspondence, e-mail address – it's a condition for receiving an author’s copy of the contribution e.g.
      Joanna Marszałek-Kawa
      Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
      Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
      Stefana Batorego 39L,
      87–100 Toruń, Poland
      e-mail: exampleemail[at]
    • ORCID ID:
  2. for a paper:
    • bibliography,
    • abstract in english: 600-800 characters with spaces
    • title translation to english,
    • keywords in english: 5-6 words,
    • for all the materials included in text (photographs, pictures, tables) their title and source should be provided.
  3. for book reviews:
    • adding titles to reviews: Roger Crowley, Morskie imperia. Batalia a panowanie na Morzu Śródziemnym, Wydawnictwo Rebis, Poznań 2012, ss.403.
  4. for reports:
    • adding titles to reports: Sprawozdanie z międzynarodowej konferencji naukowej „Ustrój terytorialny państwa”, Toruń, 12 maja 2018 roku.

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