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Author: Jan Samek
Author: Izabela Rejduch Samkowa
Year of publication: 1999
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Pages: 7-22
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/ksm199901
PDF: ksm/03/ksm199901.pdf

Judish art have never been the theme of the cyclic activities except dr lzabclla Samek”s and professor Jan Samek's Iectures (occasionally). All publications which have dealt with this theme until now arised several years ago (the historien Mayer Batlahan”s and Józef Szipper's works) or are only l'ragmentary (museums' catalogues). The quantity of .ludish monuments of art preserved in our country and abroad contradicts this standpoint.  ln spite of demages which occured during The Second World War in Po- land several hundred synagogues still egsists. There are some architectural details as stucco and paint ornamentations. At ahout thousand ccmeterys several thousand decorated tomhstones remained (the oldest dates t'rom thh century and most of them l'rom l9th century). A lot ol” museums and private collections pre- served metal Judish wares and rarely manuscripts. embroideries. These are ob- jects ol'cult used in synagogues and houses. Most of Polish judaieas were identi- licated in external collections (in USA. Israel. Praga. Budapest. Moscow. Leningrad and somewhere else). Unfortunately the Germans have destroyed all ot" wooden synagogues and a lot of monuments from stone temples (thousands ol' chandeliers. embroideries and manuscripts). C oncerning the matter of good cha- racteristics ofJudish art in Poland the choise is very difficult. This arts has al- ways accepted local stilistic forms and decorations. Nowadays. one can say that synagogues and judish houses were raised and ornamented by foreigners (ltalians), but mainly by Polish and Judish artists and craftsmen. Silver articles were made by Polish goldsmiths (Jan Pogorzelski in Warsaw. Stanislaw Weswalewicz in Kraków) as well as by .ludish ones. But in painting .ludish arts appeared in the latter part ol" the l9th century and in the 20'" century. for instance Leopold Gotlieb (younger) and Artur Markiewicz. 'l'o sum up. the book which is being prepered now will have given. for the first time. honest and well ilustrated picture ot'Judish art'in Poland.

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