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Author: Jan Samek
Year of publication: 1999
Source: Show
Pages: 43-58
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/ksm199903
PDF: ksm/03/ksm199903.pdf

Saint Mary's Chapel at the Carmelites” Church arised from the cult of the Blessed Virgin connected with her visage on the south elevation of the church in late Gothic. The Chapel was built mainly in 1637-1647 after the project of the famous architect - John Trevano. which fact is rather undoubteful. Some parts of the Chapel werc rebuilt and enlarged before1679 (the west and east anexes). after Swedish invasion damage. The Sandy Blessed Virgin Chapel is very imposing, semispherical building. lt reverts to Polish chapels erected in the 16'" and 17th centuries, which were based on the Chapel - Mausoleum of Kings Sigismond the Old and Sigismond Augustus at the Wawel Cathedral, but it has only ritual character. The interior is ornamented with painting (probably made by Molitor) and altar (based on StMaria Maggiore altar in Rome), made in 178], after Antoni Smugiewicfs project. The theme of the interior decoration is connected with The Blessed Virgin cult. Some Foundation and cloistral issues appears also. The Blessed Virgin Chapel at the Carmclitesi Church proves the patronage of Piotr Gembicki and Kajetan Sołtyk as well as of artists active in Kraków: John l'rcvano (architect), Molitor and Antoni Smuglewicz (painters). Marcin Le- kszycki ( goldsmith).

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