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Author: Jan Siekierski
Year of publication: 1999
Source: Show
Pages: 59-80
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/ksm199904
PDF: ksm/03/ksm199904.pdf

The article presents on an example of the Cracow province the results of an analysis of the local labour market during transformation period in Poland (1990-1996). General situation on the employment market in Poland was a point of reference and comparison.  The analysis considered also a degree of economic activation of local communities, the number of working and employed in national economy sectors, and the movement of people with full time jobs (engagements and di- scharges), as well as the level of registered unemployment. Estimation of this phenomenon considered also the tendencies of of changes (Beveridge' s curve) and a percentage of the unemployed according to their professional experience, unemployment period, age and education. The investigations revealed two distinct phases in the development of labour market, i.e. a negative trend in 1990-1993 (a decline in employment and an increasa in unemployment) and a positive trend in l994-l996 (an increase in employment and a (lecline in unemployment).  Some issues concerning active employment policy, counteracting and Frghting unemployment were discussed in the Final part of the paper.

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