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Author: Ewa Tyran
Year of publication: 1999
Source: Show
Pages: 81-92
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/ksm199905
PDF: ksm/03/ksm199905.pdf

The present social security system for Polish farmers should be considered as a form of the State interventionism. The allocation to the Kasa Rolnic- zego Ubezpieczenia Spolecznego ( Social Security System for Farmers) was the highest budget expenditure - 7.6% in 1997. Only 5% of the KRUS” budget comes from the farmers contributions. lf we treat the whole sum of money allocated to agriculture as a lo0% . the amount allocated to KRUS consists 72  Non-earned incomes play very important role in the farmer families” budget because of theirs very low agricultural income. ln Małopolska it has even considerably higher meaning - the average agricultural income in that region is much lover than cannot for the whole Poland. The present way of administration of the allocations to agriculture however can not be efficient economically or socially in the long-term perspective.

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