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Author: Jacek Strojny
Year of publication: 1999
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Pages: 107-118
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/ksm199907
PDF: ksm/03/ksm199907.pdf

The paper presents some results ol~ investigation of preferences of eggs consumers that has been carried out in an agglomeration of Małopolska region. l'he research consisted ol~ two stages: quantitative and qualitative. The qualitative stage has served for identification of important dimensions. within which eggs are considered by consumers. The quantitative stage has been performed with the use of the con-joint method. The estimation of partial utility coefficients for each attribute level has made it possible to determine both relative signni'licance of the product and the most preferred levels. On the basis of the benefits consumers are expecting from the product the segmential analysis has been done. Further. the coefficients of partial utility of attributes has been used in the simulation of market shares - for comparison of the conceptions of the product. Conclusions present the marketing interpretation of the estimated preference indices.

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