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Author: Jan Trąbka
Year of publication: 2002
Source: Show
Pages: 17-34
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/ksm200202
PDF: ksm/06/ksm200202.pdf

In the questions concentrated with "ethos" the wene issued opinions from as well the bio-neurological side as the humanistic one resulted of the antropoic rules. In this paper tn'als of putting together there two approaches: the frrst presented by W. Tuli- backi "Bioethics and Naturalism" and the second one by T. Tcller "lngenesis Con- ccption and Cannon of the Beauty”. The human di gnity created by the own self-criticism of ”deep ego” starts the process of transparence (lin Heidegger's tenn) of the ethics and ends in the C. McGinn's cause - effects consciousness.  Key words: ethics, naturalism, neurobiological approach, antropoic rules.

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