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Author: Elżbieta Piwowarczyk
Year of publication: 2002
Source: Show
Pages: 105-114
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/ksm200208
PDF: ksm/06/ksm200208.pdf

Pre-charter Krakow was not a homogcnous trnit as regards forms of settlement. Wawel. which was the dukes' abode, came to the l'oreground. However, in the course ofestablishment of the Polish mlers' abode in the city of Krakow economic life moved to surrounding settlements. ln the l l'h century the settlement situated at the very fr:)ot ol" Wawel Hill (to the north) called the Okól was the main of them. lt was becoming populated with the increase in the number of servile people at the Duke's court. pre- dominantly by those working for the ruler and the Church. That was also the place where substantial part of the elite of the authorities settled. Its wealthier representa- tives crected their family churches within the boundaries of the Okól. This paper presents brictly the medieval history of four places of worship. which were raiscd within the boundries of the Okół and founded (indubitably or presuma- bly) by contemporary rnagnates. I. St Andrew Church: crected between 1079 and 1098 with thc endowment of Sieciech who was Duke Władysław Hennan's palatine. The church was given the character of a secular

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