The implementation of the metastrategy minus in Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech at the meeting of The Ukraine defense contact group in the Ramstein format

Author: Daria Kharytonova
Institution: State University of Trade and Economics Kyiv
Year of publication: 2023
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Pages: 13-17
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The present study is devoted to the linguopragmatic aspect of the modern Ukrainian political discourse, investigation of the main communicative strategies and tactics based on the speech of current President of Ukraine V. Zelensky at the meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein format. In the institutional political discourse communicative strategies and tactics might be qualified as very powerful manipulative categories. Its identification can only be made by deep analysis of vocabulary, grammar, sentence formation and context of the speaker. The use of strategies and tactics in the institutional political discourse demonstrates how strong the addressee can operate his knowledge, will, and emotions. Manipulative metastrategies and tactics are called to implement and realize the communicative goals and intentions of the speaker. We offer our own classification of manipulative metastrategies and tactics through the framework of cognitive scenarios. All our metastrategies and tactics are implemented to create a positive image of the subject of the speech and a negative representation of the opponent at the same time. The cognitive scenario represents the communicative situation. The analysed speech of V. Zelensky demonstrates the manipulative metastrategy of minus through combined scenarios. It means that the President tries to show his figure both in a positive self-presentation, a negative representation of the object and a theatrical action. A scenario of the theatrical action is represented by tactics of dramatization. The positive self-presentation is combined with a negative representation of the object. The tactics of irony and sarcasm, offending and warning belong there. In general, Ukrainian presidential style of the speech at the meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in the Ramstein format is rather emotional than neutral. That is because of the beginning of the war between Israel and Sector Gaza and the future threat of the illusion of World War III.


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institutional political discourse presidential discourse interaction rituals interaction manipulation the war in Ukraine and Israel

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