Author: Konrad Gizbert-Studnicki
Institution: University in Ottawa
Year of publication: 2019
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Pages: 35-53
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When I was a young father, my children believed that my sayings were a true wisdom worthy repetition; today things have changed - it was my turn is to repeat wisdom of my children, believing that they usually are right. A few months ago, my son, Daviken, said that those who were writing frequently cannot easily survive without writing. Daviken was right. I loved to write, especially when something I wrote and which was contrary to what people believe was correct. I believe I inherited the dislike to generally accepted truth from my father, who was described by a Polish weekly that he was “the man who always goes against the general flow”. My father thought that this was an excellent statement of his character. He loved saying: “I am indeed a man who will think and act against prevailing flow, because only shit floats always with main current, and people who try to float in the main flow are those who repeat, without understanding, everything what they had heard”.


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