Pojęcie bezczynności organu a przewlekłości organu – analiza prawna

Author: Marek Michał Wikiński
Institution: Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Humanistycznego w Radomiu
Author: Natalia Niedzińska
Institution: Członek Okręgowej Izby Radców Prawnych w Warszawie
Year of publication: 2014
Source: Show
Pages: 224-236
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/tpn2014.2.13
PDF: tpn/7/TPN2014213.pdf

The aim of the work is to indicate the difference between inactivity and chronicity between administrative proceedings. In the article the authors indicate that it is necessary to distinguish two remedies, which are the complaint about chronic conduct of administrative proceedings and complaint about inactivity of administrative authorities. Spectrum of both complaints is mutually exclusive which in the authors opinion states that the courts are not authorized to assess chronicity of the inactivity complaint.

Inactivity chronicity administrative procedure deliberately failure to meet deadline slowness of authority law in proceedings in administrative courts

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