Czy potrzebna nam jeszcze jedna biografia Zygmunta Wojciechowskiego? Pożytek z klasyków

Author: Henryk Olszewski
Institution: SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny
Year of publication: 2015
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Pages: 5-34
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Zygmunt Wojciechowski (1900–1955) was a historian of law at the University of Poznan. A student of one of the greatest Polish historians – Oswald Balzer – he was a medievalist, heavily involved in politics both in the times of Second Republic and the beginning of the Polish People’s Republic. His works comprised of content of cognitive qualities, but was always strongly coloured with politics. He was the creator of the theory of native Polish lands, located between Odra, Warta and Vistula Rivers. He is looking at history through the prism of Polish-German relations and he critically evaluates the history of the state, which moved away from traditional Polish settlement areas and led a disastrous policy of expansion to the East, which brought its fall and partitions. Wojciechowski welcomed the return of Poland to the western lands (recovered) in 1945, as a compensation of wrongs suffered in the struggle against Germany. The literature on works of Wojciechowski is controversial and requires recognition in a new synthetic book, which is the main thesis of this study

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