Comparison of Preferred Didactic Forms and Methods in Homeschooling

Author: Ivana Rochovská
Institution: Catholic University in Ružomberok
Author: Martin Droščák
Institution: University in Bratislava
Author: Viera Šilonová
Institution: Catholic University in Ružomberok
Year of publication: 2020
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Pages: 13-25
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PDF: tner/202003/tner6101.pdf

The research dealt with opinions of homeschooling parents on preferred homeschooling methods and forms. Using the questionnaire method, it mapped opinions of 78 parents from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. It examined the influence of selected variables, i.e. age of parents and number of homeschooled children, on the preference for methods and forms of education. On the basis of research findings it could be stated that younger respondents preferred unschooling more than older respondents. The older respondents, on the other hand, preferred classical teaching methods and forms more. It was also found that the number of homeschooled children had no influence on parents’ choice of homeschooling methods and forms.


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