Author: Prince Chukwuneme Enwereji
Author: Ifeanyi Mbukanma
Author: Joshua Ebere Chukwuere
Year of publication: 2017
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Pages: 81-93
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PDF: tner/201701/tner20170106.pdf

The study was triggered as a result of declining performance of learners in Botswana and it was aimed at finding solutions that would enhance sound academic performance in junior secondary schools. A phenomenological design was selected for the study while a qualitative approach was adopted using focus group interviews as the source of data collection from participants. The findings of this study revealed that the inability of the government of Botswana to implement job satisfaction measures in educators inhibited adequate transfer of knowledge to learners, which resulted in a decline in performance. Learners’ gross misconduct and their parents’ inability to counsel them contributed to their decline in performance. Also, learners and educators admitted that the current system of education should be replaced with another productive system. Another finding of this study confirmed that learners are tired of corporal punishment and they want it to be replaced with detention. The study recommendation is that the Ministry of Education of Botswana should apply motivational and job satisfaction factors to encourage educators to adequately transfer knowledge to learners.


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