Pisarze literatury dziecięcej – ich rola w kształtowaniu postaw z rozważań o przyjaźni

Author: Jan Czechowski
Institution: Uczelnia Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa im. rtm. Witolda Pileckiego w Oświęcimiu
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 67-82
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PDF: kim/2016_2/kim2016206.pdf

Writers of the children’s fiction – their role in the forming of attitudes from deliberations about the friendship
Abstract: Evoked values in work addressed to the young recipient are meeting the needs of the moral, cognitive, social, ethical nature among others well understandable – aesthetic. Writers creating works for children and teenagers are revealing the truth about the life, moral dilemmas and the solitude of the man. Authors of children’s books are provoking the reflective thinking of the reader, deepening his knowledge about oneself, world and other people in the process. In the present text the main theme constitutes the issue of the attitude which is developing within the friendship. Writers, writing works for the young recipient, are directing the linguistic announcement which simultaneously is a transmitter of specific values in their work. Into literary works values which refer for bringing up the process of teaching the value are written down. It is possible to accept proposals of attitudes prose writers writing for children and poets are including which in their works, or to oppose to them. Probably however it isn’t possible to stay in view of contents come across in the children’s fiction indifferent.

Peer tutoring for efl learning: a multidimensional analysis of elementary school students

Author: Kate Tzu-Ching Chen
Author: Alison Yi-Chen Tsai
Year of publication: 2015
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Pages: 189-200
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PDF: tner/201502/tner20150216.pdf

This study investigated dimensions of academic performance, learning motivation and learning attitudes by adapting peer tutoring as the major EFL classroom activities in an elementary school classroom. Exams, classroom observation, exit survey and comments after each class were administered as the source of research data. Results indicated that peer tutoring has a positive effect on tutors’ and tutees’ academic performance due to the increase in students’ grades. Students’ learning motivation and attitudes toward EFL learning also increased significantly. On the whole, the use of peer tutoring significantly contributed to better English ability, motivation and attitude.

Attitudes of Teachers from Mainstream Schools to Education Including Children with Disabilities

Author: Agnieszka Sakowicz-Boboryko
Institution: University of Białystok
Year of publication: 2019
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Pages: 109-124
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PDF: kie/126/kie12607.pdf

The article presents a study whose aim was to learn the attitudes of teachers of upper elementary grades from mainstream schools to education including students with disabilities. It was also an attempt to learn their opinions on the chances and limitations of implementing inclusive assumptions in educational practice as well as their needs and expected support in the performance of professional tasks related to teaching students with disabilities. The study involved 145 teachers of grades 4-8 of elementary schools. The following research tools were used: The Scale of Teachers’ Attitudes to Inclusive Education, developed on the basis of the Survey of Attitudes Toward the Inclusion of Students with Special Needs by M.A. Winzer (Polish adaptation by W. Pilecka & J. Kossewska), and a survey questionnaire for teachers. The obtained results show that many teachers approach skeptically the new solutions in education for students with disabilities. Their ambiguous or negative attitude to inclusive education corresponds to the sense of lack of proper preparation to teaching students with disabilities and a critical assessment of the state of readiness of mainstream schools (both in formal and social/mental terms) to the implementation of educational inclusion assumptions.

Postrzeganie imigrantów w aspekcie afektywnym przez studentów pedagogiki w perspektywie ich przyszłej pracy zawodowej

Author: Marzena Okrasa
Institution: Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej
Author: Katarzyna Dąbrowska-Żmuda
Institution: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 29 w Lublinie
Year of publication: 2020
Source: Show
Pages: 94-112
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PDF: kie/129/kie12906.pdf

The article is an attempt to define the attitudes of students of pedagogy studies towards immigrants in the aspect of the emotional attitude manifested. In the near future these students will decide on the educational process and consequently on the quality of social functioning. The quality of their activities depends not only on their level of knowledge, but also on their attitude towards the social processes. To achieve the research goal, a diagnostic survey method with a survey technique based on semantic differential was used. The research proved that the surveyed students show a neutral attitude towards immigrants. Such an attitude may indicate indecisiveness and lack of acceptance, which undoubtedly may be closer to a negative attitude. The research also indicates an urgent need for intercultural education.

The Teacher and the Idea of Society 5.0 – Initial Diagnosis of the Problem

Author: Beata Pituła
Institution: Silesian University of Technology (Poland)
Published online: 17 June 2021
Final submission: 5 May 2021
Printed issue: December 2021
Source: Show
Page no: 17
Pages: 149-165
DOI Address:
PDF: ppsy/50/ppsy202107.pdf

The primary aim of this article is to present the results and research findings of a pilot study on teachers’ attitudes manifested toward the idea of society 5.0. The study is a part of one of the priority research areas of the Silesian University of Technology – Processes automation and Industry 4.0. in terms of the socio-cultural and methodological implications of Industry 4.0. Eighty-four teachers participated in the research and completed the questionnaire electronically. The research bores the characteristics of a preliminary diagnosis of the problem. Hence, the collected empirical material does not allow the formulation of methodologically valid conclusions. However, it may constitute a “voice in the discussion” on the preparation of teachers for the inevitable change of the role of the school and the teacher in the new society.

Postawy młodzieży akademickiej wobec transplantacji a ich poczucie koherencji

Author: Marta Mirosława Perkowska
Institution: Uniwersytet w Białymstoku, Polska
Year of publication: 2021
Source: Show
Pages: 185-203
DOI Address:
PDF: kie/131/kie13111.pdf

The article explores the relationship between the attitudes of the respondents towards transplantation and their sense of coherence. The presented results were obtained through the statistical analysis of data collected in a group of 467 students. The study used a self-designed questionnaire and scale to study attitudes of academic youth towards transplantation alongside Antonovsky’s Orientation to Life Questionnaire (SOC-29). The results obtained prove that there is no correlation that would justify the conclusion that the sense of coherence of the respondents has a statistically significant connection with their attitude towards transplantation. However, the sense of coherence positively correlates with one of the components of the attitude towards transplantation. This concerns the level of Knowledge, which means that people with a high sense of coherence are significantly more likely to have a higher level of Knowledge related to transplantation. The data confirmed the existence of a correlation between the level of knowledge of the respondents related to the issue of transplantation and all the components constituting a sense of coherence, i.e. a manageability, meaningfulness and comprehensibility. Conclusions formulated on the basis of the obtained results point to the necessity of taking up a contemporary pedagogical challenge, which is health education aimed at shaping social attitudes towards transplantation. An additional recommendation is to enrich educational programs with activities the goal of which is to create a high sense of coherence in their recipients, which, by definition, should have pro-health consequences for a wide group of beneficiaries.

Around Art Reception. A Model of Empirical Cognition of Early School Education Teachers’Attitudes to Modern Art - A Project Study

Author: Beata Mazepa-Domagała
Institution: University of Silesia
Year of publication: 2022
Source: Show
Pages: 117-131
DOI Address:
PDF: tner/202201/tner6709.pdf

The paper results from considerations on art reception and reflection on the current position of art recipients, their dispositions, and behaviours towards modern artistic activity, including the emotional, cognitive and behavioural orientation of early school education teachers in modern art. It begins with reflections on modern art understood as artistic activity created based on various means of expression and avant-garde and neo-avant-garde artistic solutions, which reacts to the huge potential, possibilities, threats of the surrounding world, and the situation of the recipient of modern artistic activity. The study’s further part presents the basic findings on the theoretical and conceptual framework of the phenomenon and a model of empirical cognition of early school education teachers’attitudes towards modern art. The study is addressed to researchers of the subject area and pedagogues. Even though it can hardly be regarded as a handy compendium, it provides a theoretical base and a research perspective. Therefore, it can serve as a guideline for future research explorations.

Postawy wobec małżeństwa – konstrukcja i empiryczna weryfikacja narzędzia badawczego

Author: Nina Chrobot
Institution: Szkoła Wyższa Psychologii Społecznej w Warszawie
Author: Anna Oleszkiewicz
Institution: Uniwersytet Wrocławski
Year of publication: 2015
Source: Show
Pages: 173-194
DOI Address:
PDF: kie/107/kie10709.pdf

Attitude to Marriage as a Relationship Formalization Questionnaire was designed to study the dynamically changing forms of modern family. Article presents the most important demographical and social trends concerning marriage in Poland, which justify the need to create standardized tool for studies on attitude of young people towards marriage. Final version of the questionnaire consists of 42 statements, which comprise three scales of attitude toward marriage as: sense of happiness and belonging; relationship formalization and sense of safety; a result of actions resulting from internalized social and religious norms. Questionnaire has high psychometric values and can be used in studies of people aged 16-30. It can be applied in psychological, demographical, sociological or economic research.

Euroregions, Their Influence on the Development of Polish and Czech Borderlands

Author: Krystyna Łangowska-Marcinowska
Institution: The Higher School Of Management And Administration in Opole
Year of publication: 2022
Source: Show
Pages: 114-124
DOI Address:
PDF: kie/138/kie13807.pdf

Euroregions, their influence on the development of the Polish and Czech border The Polish-Czech borderland is a system of characteristic social realities and a place where two different cultures meet. The emergence of Euroregions creates opportunities for faster development of border areas and their integration. Cross-border cooperation is located in various frames of the borderland life that affect the everyday life of residents, i.e., in the spheres of the economy (cooperation between entrepreneurs), communication (expansion of the infrastructure and infostructural network), culture, sport and tourism, ecology, education and science (research, joint implementation of EU programmes), combating all crime, and warning and assistance in states of disasters and crises (e.g., in case of a flood, fire, epidemic threats). The research presented in the publication shows that there is still a need for a lasting good functioning of the Euroregions existing on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic. Keywords: Euroregion, borderland, cross-border cooperation, attitude, lifestyle

Adolescent Immigrant Students’ Learning of Second Languages

Author: Carlos Castaño Garrido
Institution: University of the Basque Country
Author: Urtza Garay Ruiz
Institution: University of the Basque Country
Year of publication: 2013
Source: Show
Pages: 215-224
DOI Address:
PDF: tner/201303/tner3318.pdf

The objective of this study is to analyse the results of an educational intervention with adolescent immigrant students, focusing on the degree of influence that the affective factor, attitude, school adaptation and the use of Web 2.0 tools, specifically video blogs, have on oral practice within the process of teaching-learning a second language. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques were used for data collection, management and analysis. Out of all the results obtained, the most relevant is that carrying out a language teaching-learning process based on the aforementioned variables promotes a more positive attitude in adolescent immigrant students towards oral language practice and a greater involvement at school and in their teaching-learning process. By way of conclusion, respecting these affectivity-related variables gets these types of students, who are new to the education system, on the right track to a more satisfactory oral practice.

Independence in School Education and Scientific Work

Author: Wincenty Okoń
Institution: Real Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Year of publication: 2005
Source: Show
Pages: 15-25
DOI Address:
PDF: tner/200502/tner602.pdf

The paper discusses the importance of independence of thinking and acting, so in the school education as in the scientific work. In broader understanding independence means such an attitude of the intellect, emotions and will that makes one willingly undertake different tasks-problems and realize-solve them in a responsible way. Thus independence means the steady disposition to intellectual and practical activity in schools, universities and in the research work. When this activity is emotionally positive, it may create the basis for the development (in the process of school-university education) of scientific, social and moral convictions and attitudes, necessary not only for understanding the universe and for changing it, but also for the development of wisdom, which may be understood as harmony between to have and to be, among material needs and moral values.

Główna wartość oraz związane z nią zasady, cechy, postawy odzwierciedlone w Kodeksie etycznym Uniwersytetu Wiedeńskiego

Author: Alicja Żywczok
Institution: Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach
Year of publication: 2024
Source: Show
Pages: 105-117
DOI Address:
PDF: em/24/em2407.pdf

Core value and related principles, qualities, attitudes as reflected in the University of Vienna Code of Ethics

This paper is an attempt to address the following research questions: What core value and its associated principles, qualities, and attitudes are reflected in the University of Vienna’s Code of Ethics? What perception of the university does this document reveal? The first part of this paper is a description of the essential historical facts pertaining to this university, its organizational structure and the formation of world elites. The second part explains the importance of the code of ethics as a means of helping to direct human conduct toward social, educational, and economic goals. The third part was focused on the main axiological quality (value), as well as the aretological (virtues/characteristics), normative (principles/norms) and behavioral qualities comprised in the content of the Code. The value marked most clearly in the Code of Ethics of the University of Vienna was responsibility. It is also a desirable attitude of university members that predisposes them to exhibit qualities such as honesty and loyalty. The principles of conduct specified in the Code included: legality, expediency, economy, openness, risk minimization, sustainable development, “face to face” communication in situations requiring confidentiality.

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