Challenges of Nigeria as a Preferable Seat of International Commercial Arbitration

Author: Olufunke Aje-Famuyide
Institution: National Open University of Nigeria
Author: Nimisore Akano
Year of publication: 2021
Source: Show
Pages: 11-32
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PDF: rop/18/rop1801.pdf

Arbitration has over the years gained prominence as a preferred method for dispute resolution especially for cross-border commercial disputes. One of the reasons is that the parties want to resolve their dispute in privacy and obtain an enforceable award as soon as possible. The choice of the arbitral seat during the negotiation of any international commercial arbitration agreement is perhaps one of the most overlooked influential aspects over the course of the arbitral procedures. The importance of a wise choice of an arbitral seat generally has two aspects, one of logistical convenience and the other is of a legal effect. For reason of the crucial legal effects of the place of arbitration, the parties have to be sure that they have chosen the best suitable jurisdiction as the seat of arbitration. The article will further analyse the concept of the seat of arbitration, its role, and importance in international commercial arbitration. It will also examine by reviewing the drawbacks of Nigeria as a preferred seat of international arbitration, particularly on the arbitration legislation and the respective judicial supervision and support in effectively conducting arbitration within the jurisdiction.

„Komercjalizacja Barbary” - pozasemantyczne uzasadnienie identyfikacji językowej w reklamie

Author: Aleksandra Jasielska
Institution: Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu
Year of publication: 2015
Source: Show
Pages: 205-218
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PDF: kie/109/kie10911.pdf

One of the advertising strategies is the use of names of their own. The name is given to products or to the characters of commercials. The name Basia is especially operated in Polish commercials. This article assumes that the popularity of this name is conducted beyond its semantic, denotative meaning and is result of emotive associations. The sound symbolism, the infant/child-directed speech and connotative meaning were used to analysis the Basia’s “commercial potency”. It was established, that every of these phenomena was assigned to another level of lingual organization - from phonological to pragmatic - and has a specific impact into evoking the positive associations to neutral objects, which are signed by lingual symbol, which initiates pleasant feelings.

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