Wpływ rozwoju technologii internetowej na przestrzeń życia społecznego. Przestrzeń rzeczywista vs cyberprzestrzeń

Author: Ewelina Dziwak
Institution: Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza w Krakowie
Year of publication: 2017
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Pages: 11-23
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PDF: kim/2017_2/kim2017202.pdf

The impact of the development of Internet technology on the social life. Real space vs Cyberspace
This article touches the subject of the Internet as a medium based on contrasts and reproducting oppositions. Dualisms are shown in terms of social space, communication, interpersonal relationships and identity. The two worlds are put in contrast: the real world and the virtual one, and the issues and the relations between them are pointed out. The article also describes the impact of Internet technology on communication. It types for the traditional communication and the Internet communication and points to the fundamental aspect of differentiating between them from the way the message is communicated. The paper also highlights the issue of interpersonal relations and the transformations they have undergone after the spread of the Internet. Relationships are classified as offline and online. Both types are described, and the way they are intertwined in social life. Both positive and negative characteristics of online relationships are indicated. The last issue addressed in the article is the identity gap. It is shown from the real and virtual world perspective.

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