developmental tasks

Edukacja wspierająca rozwój młodzieży i jej uwarunkowania – raport z badań na pograniczu południowym

Author: Alina Szczurek-Boruta
Institution: Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach
Year of publication: 2018
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Pages: 142–158
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PDF: kie/121/kie12109.pdf

The undertaken study is aimed at presenting the knowledge and research experiences concerning developmental tasks and the borderland, as well as stimulating the discussion which might result in a more conscious approach and application of these categories in the context of pedagogy. The author presents a report from some studies conducted in the Southern borderland. The text becomes a part of the debate on the tasks of pedagogy – the education aimed at supporting the development of youth. The research into fulfilling developmental tasks, shaping youth’s identity and its many determinants constitute an important field of pedagogy. These studies enable the recognition of the real barriers for individual development in the social and cultural dimension, as well as the efficient or inefficient strategies of overcoming them.

Young Adults in the Process of Academic Education and Shaping Their Life Project

Author: Jolanta Suchodolska
Institution: University of Silesia
Year of publication: 2021
Source: Show
Pages: 153-166
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PDF: kie/134/kie13409.pdf

This study is an attempt to look at university education as an important developmental task and an element of young adults’ life project. Both the expert literature and the results of empirical research make it possible to treat higher education as an important element of entering adulthood and undertaking mature social and professional roles. Fulfilling those roles enables the young to collect life experience and to crystallize their mature life project. That project comprises many tasks the fulfilment of which allows young people to become adults and to build a mature identity. Becoming an adult occurs very individually, with the use of one’s own experience, resources, and competences. Therefore, the final developmental task can be viewed as the pursuit of adulthood and as undertaking mature obligations. In the case of young adults studying at university, that task involves the fulfilment of many social and (pro-)professional roles. Moreover, university students are provided with the possibility of verifying their current choices and investments in their own future before undertaking permanent obligations. In this context, it seems worth to raise questions of how students perceive this psychological period, how they find their place and what importance education has in their life project.

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