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“To Educate a Xenophobe”: Outcomes Review of the Advocacy Campaign for Tolerance in Education (Verbal and Visual Contents in Primary School Textbooks) in Bulgaria

Author: Venellin Stoychev
Institution: Political Science Center, Bulgaria
Author: Sylvia Borissova
Institution: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Author: Ani Marinova
Institution: Children’s Department of the Bulgarian National Radio
Author: Nora Goleshevska
Institution: Institute for Creative Civil Strategies, Bulgaria
Author: Julian Borissov
Institution: DSK Bank
Year of publication: 2019
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Pages: 157-174
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PDF: kie/124/kie12410.pdf

In recent years, the problem of methods of education in values of tolerance to difference is subject to increased public attention at the EU level. However, even a sparse reading of the Bulgarian primers and readers shows that the first meeting of children with what is officially “normal” in the social world excludes the “different” people. The main objective of the project “To Educate a Xenophobe” (2015-2016) implemented by the Bulgarian NGO Political Science Center in collaboration with Institute for Creative Civil Strategies was to address the absence of systematic orientation to the initial stage of education as crucial for assimilating a tolerant attitude towards the different people in society. The project aimed to increase public attention and initiate a constructive dialogue with Bulgarian decision makers and stakeholders on the need for conducting reforms in state education requirements and legislation via a package of analyses, surveys and in-depth interviews.

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