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Sobre la revelancia del Deprecho Romano Y Del Metodo de sus Jurisprudentes prawa la formacion integral de los juristas en el siglo XXI

Author: Carmen Lazaro Guillamón
Institution: Universitat Jaume I – Castellón España
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 146-158
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PDF: tpn/10/tpn2016108.pdf

The aim of this paper is to highlight the pertinency and importancy of maintaining Roman Law as a fundamental subject in the studies leading to obtain a Law Degree. Roman Law is a propaedeutic subject that allows students to learn, understand and apprehend the basics of Law and to use a proper technique to think juridically. Roman law is not only the ground of Continental and Latin American legal systems, but their case method also permeates the Anglo-Saxon legal system. Essentially, it is a subject that provides the capabilities to be able to call “jurists” and not shysters those who obtain a Law Degree.

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