Political Science in Poland within 1989–2009 Applicants, Students and Graduates of Political Studies

Author: Barbara Krauz-Mozer
Author: Piotr Borowiec
Author: Paweł Ścigaj
Year of publication: 2011
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Pages: 7-21
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PDF: apsp/30/apsp3001.pdf

The article discusses transformations of political science studies in Poland in the last two decades. The emphasis is put on the changes that took place in higher education system and in political science itself, as well as on the fact that the number of political science higher education institutions is increasing together with the number of candidates for the studies, political science students and graduates. The condition of political science studies is compared to the condition of other, selected faculties. Data presented in this article shows that political science, as a faculty, recently underwent rapid changes. Fast increase in the number of students in the 90’, as well as in the number of educational institutions at the beginning of the XXI century caused political science to become one of the most popular faculties in Poland. However, in the past few years the total number of students has been decreasing, political science students included. This change is significant enough to have an influence on the condition of educational institutions, many of which face difficulties maintain the faculty. What is important, these changes seem to be independent of the tendency observed in higher education in Poland in general, as well as other faculties.

Absolwenci w kleszczach kryzysów? Analiza sytuacji osób kończących studia na tle przemian rynku pracy

Author: Marta Chyła
Institution: Kujawsko-Pomorska Szkoła Wyższa w Bydgoszczy
Year of publication: 2013
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Pages: 135-148
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PDF: kie/97/kie9708.pdf

Graduates Caught by Crises? Analysis of the Situation Faced by People Finishing Education in Relation to the Transformations on the Labour Market

The article presents analysis and auto-analysis of the chances of the pedagogy students on the labour market. Only students that have finished their education between years 2006 and 2009 were considered. In these years polish labour market was between two financial crises, that could have been visible in unemployment rate, room 2004, very high unemployment rate systematically dropped, until in 2008 it reached the lowest rate since the political transformation. However, global financial crisis that begun in USA, started to affect the situation in Poland and at the beginning of 2009 unemployment started to rise. In addition to this, some global tendencies on labour market appeared, among them, deterioration of the young people situation. Despite, the examined students have finished their studies when the unemployment rate was relatively low, they chances to find dream job was not very optimistic. They have found themselves in a trap between crises, their ambitions and between the market opportunities.

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