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Wojna dwóch światów…, czyli o zależnościach między zawodami żołnierza a rodziną. Przyczynek do badań

Author: Aneta Baranowska
Institution: Uniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego w Bydgoszczy
Year of publication: 2013
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Pages: 194-212
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PDF: kie/97/kie9711.pdf

War of Two Worlds…, or the Relations between the Soldier’s Profession and Family. An Contribution to the Studies

This article attempts to analyze the problems arising at the junction of two social institutions: the army and military families. It shows, in the face of the transformations taking place in the area of family life and in the face of professionalization of the Polish Armed Forces, how complex relationships between these two worlds are created. The article raises the issue of dual loyalty and „greed” of these institutions. A feature that modern family and the army share is the fact that each of these institutions would like to focus the attention and energy of its members and involve them in their actions as much as possible, which would secure their operations. Such a demanding attitude, however, has a negative impact on the performance of social roles outside the institution. The empirical analyses on the topic conclude with the condition and problems of modern military family. They also show how the duties and requirements for the profession of a soldier affect the organization, structure and functions of the family, the course and the rhythm of their life, homely atmosphere, the content and scope of the role played, the manner of satisfying their needs and the lever of the satisfaction. This text is a contribution to further research of the presented issue.

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