Przemiany rodziny chińskiej w aspekcie prawnym: ku indywidualizmowi czy familizmowi?

Author: Wang Yun
Institution: Uniwersytet SWPS
Year of publication: 2019
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Pages: 79-89
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PDF: ap/22/ap2204.pdf

Transformation of the Chinese family in the legal aspect: towards individualism or familism?

In this paper, I investigate the change in the term of a family in the context of modern Chinese family law, with a consideration of its historical- cultural context. The article concludes that the changes in family law in the recent four decades presents both a individualization tendency and familistic tendency. However, the two tendencies appear in laws and regulations concerned with different family relationships. Between the spouses, an obvious individualization inclination was gradually introduced. Whereas, facing a social reality of aging society and highly mobile life style, which causes providing for elders more difficult than before, the law intends to support intergenerational ties, and in this way promote a familistic outlook.

The Cosmopolitan Game? Contemporary Football in The Light of Ulrich Beck’s Theory

Author: Radosław Kossakowski
Institution: University of Gdańsk
Year of publication: 2014
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Pages: 36-62
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PDF: kie/105/kie10503.pdf

In article author takes advantage of sociological theory of German thinker – Ulrich Beck – to analysis of contemporary football. He assumes that idea of cosmopolitanization developed by Beck instances interesting analytical tool to the scrutiny of that sport. The concept of cosmopolitanization emphasising on interpenetration of global flows and local environment appears as adequate to such examination. From one perspective some actors in global football field (eg. FIFA) put a lot of pressure on the rest actors (expelling national teams from countries with unstable political situations), but on the other hand football field constitutes a mixture of various influences, different kinds of “cosmopolitanization” (“coerced”, “latent”, “non-deformed”) and local dimensions of modernity. In the case of football fans it is justified to cover every day experiences with football by notion of “banal cosmopolitanization”. The author considers necessity to create the new units of analysis in exploration of contemporary football. Units from classical sociology, derived from world of first modernity need to be replaced (or enriched at least) by ones prepared in result of cosmopolitan turn in social sciences. Simultaneously, like other spectrums of social life (science, politics, identities and so on), football is found under influences of conditions of global manufactured uncertainty and risk. In article there are a few instances of risks connected to football.

Theoretic Principles of the Adaptive Teaching Process

Author: Kateřina Kostolányová
Institution: Ostravská Univerzita v Ostravě
Year of publication: 2013
Source: Show
Pages: 208-219
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PDF: tner/201304/tner3417.pdf

The article describes a new form of e-learning – adaptive e-learning. The theory of this form is based on a series of pedagogical-psychological rules which are aimed at the technical possibilities of today’s IT. The very basics of adaptive e-learning is comprised of the student’s learning style and a group of algorithms which will assign a suitable study material to the student according to his/her learning style. This whole process is automatized and secured by a virtual teacher – control manager. Its functions will be described in detail in this article.

The Risks of the Present Youth Subcultures in the View of Social Pedagogy and Social Work

Author: Peter Jusko
Institution: Matej Bel University
Year of publication: 2005
Source: Show
Pages: 35-43
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PDF: tner/200501/tner503.pdf

The contribution analyzes the most important risks of the present youth subcultures and the opportunities for social work and social pedagogy with regard to the problems of youth subcultures. The basic characteristics of youth subcultures is described as well as their social development, types and forms. The central meaning is inscribed to the possibilities of interdisciplinary coaction of social pedagogy and social work when solving specific problems of youth subcultures in the process of socialization during free time or at the penetration of social deviations. A specific attention is paid to the definition of the professional roles of social workers and social pedagogues in relation to the risky youth subcultures.

Procesy indywidualizacyjne w rodzinie

Author: Janusz Mariański
Institution: Wyższa Szkoła Nauk Społecznych z siedzibą w Lublinie
Year of publication: 2023
Source: Show
Pages: 40-54
DOI Address:
PDF: ve/7/ve705.pdf

Individualization Processes in the Family

The article is a generalized reflection on the moral condition of the modern family, with particular emphasis on the Polish family. Against the background of the classical view of the family, the processes of individualization in the modern family, both in general and specific dimensions, have been presented. Our discussion based on the findings of one’s own and other sociologists’ research indicate the slow processes of detraditionalization and individualization of marital and family life, as well as its internal secularization. We assume that the collected empirical data essentially reflects the actual views, opinions, preferences and attitudes of Polish youth and provides a good sociological portrait of both the young and older generation of Poles. The article mainly contains some generalizations based on empirical research.

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