Znaczenie opinii biegłego z zakresu informatyki w postępowaniu cywilnym

Author: Zuzanna Miazga
Institution: Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny SWPS w Warszawie
Year of publication: 2017
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Pages: 245-262
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PDF: tpn/12/TPN2017113.pdf

In civil proceedings, experts are appointed representing different scientific areas offering wide-ranging expertise on issues requiring expert opinion. This article aims to describe the role and importance of experts in the informatics area who are appointed in civil proceedings. The contribution of expert opinions in informatics has been defined on the basis of their practical use in judicial proceedings under the rules of civil procedure. The importance of an informatics expert opinion can be seen only through the analysis of case-studies. It is possible to see on the basis of the analysis of selected rulings in which cases the courts considered it necessary to appoint an expert in informatics, and in which situations the court considered it as unjustified. The considerations elaborated upon in this article relate mainly to the type of specific information required from court experts in informatics including the purpose for which the parties requested the appointment of an expert together with the influence of the expert opinion on the content of a court ruling. Despite a limited number of years so far in appointing court experts in informatics, in line with the continued developments in technology, their contribution in civil proceedings has been growing steadily. Judges can use opinions made in this area in many cases which are drawn from a very broad range of legal and factual bases. There are more and more cases which require the involvement of court experts in informatics. The subject matter investigated by a court expert in informatics is constantly evolving and broadening in scope. It may be assumed that over time court experts in informatics will be among the most frequently appointed experts to prepare opinions in court proceedings.

Postulates for Modeling an E-Learning System of Informatics for Class Teachers

Author: Milan Obrić
Institution: University of Novi Sad
Author: Rajko Pećanac
Institution: University of Novi Sad
Author: Tomaž Bratina
Institution: Univerza v Mariboru
Year of publication: 2013
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Pages: 183-192
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PDF: tner/201303/tner3315.pdf

The main goal of this paper was to indicate the possible use of a specific model of e-learning for computer science teachers in Serbia. Taking this aim into account, the authors accurately indicated the subject of the proposed research: development of a model system for the implementation of e-learning for the level of higher education in Serbia for teachers, with a special emphasis on informatics education. This e-learning model indicates equal participation of major areas of information technology and pedagogy and teaching methodology, pedagogy, ICT and media. The proposed research subject is of high importance in the development of the education system in Serbia and as such is adapted to the needs of a knowledge society and to realize the scientific contribution to the subject area. This work represents a good starting point for further work and continuing research presented, referring to the concrete results of research by the author.

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