Portale społecznościowe – wpływ na dzieci i młodzież

Author: Karolina Sigda
Institution: Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski
Year of publication: 2018
Source: Show
Pages: 62-72
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PDF: kim/2018_1/kim2018107.pdf

Social networking – impact on children and adolescents
The ubiquitous contemporary Internet creates unlimited opportunities to use social networking sites that bring opportunities and benefits to children and young people. In this article, the essence and concept of social networking sites have been characterized and what functions they fulfill. The most popular contemporary social media sites have been listed and described, most of which are used by children and youth – Facebook, Nasza Klasa and Instagram. With the development of mobile devices, children have the possibility of unlimited use of portals that give them great opportunities and opportunities, which is also shown in the article. The fact remains that if something is so popular and widely available, it carries a lot of threats with which the young generation has contact, due to careless and unskilful use in everyday life.

Zjawisko mobilnych biur. Identyfikacja nowych przestrzeni pracy

Author: Magda Prokopczuk
Year of publication: 2017
Source: Show
Pages: 254-261
DOI Address:
PDF: kie/115/kie11517.pdf

Nowadays we observe numerous changes in the field of employment. Possibility of flexible working hours, alternative job as being aligned to particular project, remote working and technology development results in a completely new perception of working time and space. More and more people adapt public spaces (third places) and private spaces (residences) to mobile professional activity, manifesting their freedom and ability to connect their responsibilities with leisure time. Interpretation of visual representations of mobile offices revealed by social media was the mode to find symptoms of consumption related to social status, people’ relationship with objects and ways of arranging space to transform it into offices. Analysis of photographs revealed outdating category of non-place by Marc Ague. Work is closely related to mobile devices (laptops, tablets, phones) what enhances adapting to it also spaces that in the past were considered as non-individual (public transport, airports, train stations, waiting rooms). Also the function of third places (cafes, pubs, restaurants) is changing nowadays what effects in new forms of arranging space dedicated to individual work.

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