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Zarządzanie wiedzą nie tylko technologicznie Wybrane scenariusze zajęć edukacji medialnej

Author: Elżbieta Rogalska
Institution: Instytut Pedagogiki Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego
Year of publication: 2018
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Pages: 20-27
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PDF: kim/2018_1/kim2018103.pdf

Knowledge management is not only technologically. Selected scenarios of media education classes
The theme of not only technological knowledge management using selected scenarios in media education is important for the knowledge society and ethics. The labor market expects effects and efficacy, which is not the same as universal values such as friendship or brotherhood. Finding the meaning of man in a world dominated by knowledge and mass media is an important issue. Thus the purpose of this article is to present personal competence in knowledge management. The aim of the research is to enrich pedagogy with knowledge about (non) technological competencies in selected scenarios of media education. The method of document analysis was used. It has been argued that media education in selected scenarios emphasizes the role of man in knowledge management. As a result, four categories of objectives were addressed, both for personal and technological competence. The conclusion is that not only man is governed by knowledge but also manages this knowledge.

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