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Satisfaction of Academic Youth with the Way Their Family of Origin Functions: Conditions and Determinants

Author: Tomasz Bajkowski
Institution: University of Białystok
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4931-8637
Year of publication: 2019
Source: Show
Pages: 80-94
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2019.04.05
PDF: kie/126/kie12605.pdf

The family is the environment that leaves its mark and imprint the most in the structure of the human identity. This is because of both the broadly reaching and permanent character of impacts. Every family creates and regulates its particular familial identity. It can be seen as a kind of azimuth of feeling of being a member of an important, specific family community, despite the changes that are taking place in and around us. The text presents the results of research conducted in the group of academic youth regarding the level of the sense of satisfaction with the functioning of their family of origin and an attempt to capture the determinants of them. There are significant differences in the range of predictors building models for the whole group, compared to models built separately for the group of males and females. This indicates a high level of diversity in the perception of the family of origin system among the surveyed students. Analyses of the presented models show the image of academic youth who, in their life orientations, highly values the family as the basic reference point in the construction of their own identity. There is a visible focus on the community nature of its functioning, the quality of the relations of individual members of the system and the possibility of participating in the rules and rules developed in the family. The family identity that develops with said rules is a kind of negotiated creation of the family traditions recognized by them, with simultaneous outlined tendencies of deconstruction of the existing model ways of capturing the family structure, in favor of seeking a different view, which is a kind of adaptation of the system to dynamically changing socio-cultural conditions.

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