liberational violence

  • Insurrectionist Anarchism and Liberational Violence: New Ideas and Trends

    Author: Elżbieta Posłuszna
    Institution: Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa (Poland)
    Published online: 25 July 2022
    Final submission: 18 February 2022
    Printed issue: 2022
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    Page no: 12
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    PDF: ppsy/51/ppsy202235.pdf

    The paper characterises contemporary fighting anarchism from the ideological, tactical, and organisational perspectives. An analysis is carried out that examines the activities of the groups revoking insurrectionism, which today entails three ideological trends, namely social, individualistic (illegalism), and ecological. In the author’s intention, the characteristics should serve practical goals, i.e., forming a prognosis regarding the phenomenon's future and drawing possible ways to counteract its proliferation in a further perspective. Contemporary anarchism, due to its intellectual allure (liberationist individualism), broadening the scope of its goals (with the liberation of non-human beings), adopting loose organisational forms, as well as employing the leaderless resistance strategy and swarming, is a phenomenon that has significant development potential. The development of anarchism, due to ongoing socio-political processes (the collapse of the existing mechanisms of social control and political representation, globalisation, informatisation) and the widely spreading ideology of individualism will lead to, as it seems, progressive radicalism, both in ideology and used methods.

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