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Zagrożenia asymetryczne w regionie bałtyckim – wybrane aspekty

Author: Marika Sokół
Institution: Akademia Marynarki Wojennej w Gdyni
Year of publication: 2019
Source: Show
Pages: 168-180
DOI Address:
PDF: ksm/24/ksm201909.pdf

The article presents the problem of asymmetry in the aspect of threats. The reflections were made in reference to the Baltic Region. The analysis was made by approximating the meaning of the asymmetrical risk date and presenting the forms of their occurrence in the Baltic Region, and methods for their prevention and eradication.

Przestępczość zorganizowana na terenie Włoch oraz jej wpływ na przestępczość zorganizowaną w niektórych państwach Europy

Author: Ewa Piórecka
Institution: Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie
Year of publication: 2018
Source: Show
Pages: 118-136
DOI Address:
PDF: siip/17/siip1706.pdf

Organized crime in Italy and its impact on organized crime in some European countries

This article presents some Italian criminal organizations that have expanded their activities outside Italy. The factors influencing the shaping of criminal groups are also presented and the history of selected groups of this type is described. The origins of the word mafia were made. Types of organized crime were presented. The directions of emigration of Italian groups were indicated.

Zwalczanie handlu ludźmi i przemytu migrantów w Europie Południowo-Wschodniej przez SELEC

Author: Filip Dobrowolski
Institution: Szkoła Doktorska Akademii Pomorskiej w Słupsku
Year of publication: 2022
Source: Show
Pages: 47-64
DOI Address:
PDF: ksm/34/ksm3403.pdf

Fight against human trafficking and smuggling of migrants in South-East Europe by SELEC

Human trafficking is one of the modern forms of slavery and the most dangerous crime against freedom and human dignity. This practice is often associated with the phenomenon of illegal migration and smuggling of migrants, which are particularly intensified in the period of various types of conflicts (armed, ethnic, etc.). The international scale of the problem forces the cooperation of authorities and services responsible for security and public order in many countries. The article presents activities undertaken by the SELEC organization in combating this type of international organized crime in South-Eastern Europe. The source of the data are annual reports on the organization’s activities, published on its official website.

Pranie pieniędzy. Analiza procederu oraz systemu zapobiegania w ujęciu krajowym i międzynarodowym

Author: Marcin Imszenik
Institution: SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny w Warszawie.
Year of publication: 2018
Source: Show
Pages: 120-136
DOI Address:
PDF: tpn/14/TPN2018205.pdf

Author of this article undertakes an effort to analyze the money laundering process. Starting form outlining the problem, showing historical overview, describing basic definitions and key issues concerning the problem such as: organized crime and drug trafficking, most important socio-economical impacts of the money laundering process that itself will be analyzed together with international legal efforts to fight it showing the most important organizations involved. Last part of the article will concentrate on Polish legal and organizational solutions in this matter.

Mafia i polityka – antagonizm czy współzależność?

Author: Przemysław Pujer
Year of publication: 2015
Source: Show
Pages: 102-113
DOI Address:
PDF: cip/13/cip1308.pdf

Mafia and politics – Antagonism or interdependence?

Many researchers of the history of Sicily and the current events on the Island claim that Sicily became enslaved by mafia. However, if one performs a deeper analysis of this land, he may draw a conclusion that Sicily was never free. Starting from the mythical Cyclops, there was no invader who would not be lured by legendary fertile and beautiful piece of land – a bridge between Europe and Africa. Organized crime in Sicily emerged as a resistance against the foreign presence on the island.

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