palliative and hospice care

Ustrojowa ochrona praw do świadczeń zdrowotnych osób dorosłych i starszych w terminalnych stanach choroby

Author: Anna Szafranek
Institution: Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Przedsiębiorczości w Łomży
Author: Rafał Iwański
Institution: Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Year of publication: 2021
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Pages: 341-356
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PDF: ppk/60/ppk6021.pdf

Institutional protection of rights to health benefits for adult and elderly people in terminal states of illnesses

Ageing of the Polish society entails the importance of securing caring and medicinal services of the growing population of seniors and people in terminal states of illnesses. The aim of this article is to assess legal framework concerning institutional protection of rights of people in terminal states of illnesses, in the context of the scale of terminal states of illnesses and the need for services aimed at terminally ill and their families.

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