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The Potential of Emic Perspective in the Qualitative Inspections of Everyday Life

Author: Justyna Pilarska
Institution: University of Wroclaw, Poland
Year of publication: 2018
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Pages: 147-163
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PDF: kie/122/kie12209.pdf

These reflections tackle a specific understanding of researching everyday life, which presents itself as a methodological demand, i.e., as a constitutive element of the new forms of inquiry. Consequently, the discourses revolve around the specificity of the anthropology of everyday life, as seen from various angles entailing third wave of sociology, cultural anthropology, and symbolic interactionism. It also elaborates on the methodological issues encompassing idiographic, emic characteristics of a qualitative inquiry that with relation to everyday life can provide a useful and cognitively attractive tool of reconstructing the world of different cultural groups.

Arab Culture Education Using a Soap Opera: Focus on the Application of the Methodology of Ethnography of Communication

Author: Suwan Kim
Year of publication: 2017
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Pages: 104-115
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PDF: tner/201701/tner20170108.pdf

This article aimed to suggest implications of learner-centered culture education through observation, participant observation, interviewing or ethnoscience in particular. Korean Arabic language learners were asked to watch two episodes of an Arab soap opera and compare and contrast their own culture from Arab culture based on what they had watched. Results of this study showed a desir- able direction, from insiders’ perspectives, for culture education utilizing the methodology of ethnography of communication. In order to establish Korean learners’ cultural identities as well as to equip them with cross-cultural compe- tence through which they can appropriately, accurately behave depending on situational context, this methodology of ethnography of communication into Arab culture educational practice should be made in the future.

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