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Refugees: Post Traumatic Stress, and Crime Experiences from Germany

Author: Helmut Kury
Institution: University of Freiburg
Year of publication: 2019
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Pages: 73-90
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PDF: kie/124/kie12405.pdf

The immigration of refugees since 2014, especially from North African Countries has the last year an increasing critical political discussion in the population, also in Germany, the goal of many migrants. While on the background of political signals at the beginning of the movement refugees were welcome by the majority of the population, meanwhile criticism is more and more expressed in the media and political discussion. In many European Countries right wing parties were established, also in Germany (Alternative für Deutschland-AfD). The last vote for the European Parliament shows for Germany an increasing acceptance of this party, especially in Eastern Germany, the former German Democratic Republic. Very often the public is not very well informed by the media. On one side there are reports of an increasing crime rate, without differenciating the background of, on the other side the German industry needs the immigrants, there are many open positions for workers. The chapter gives a short overview about the discussion about the topic in Germany.

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