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Problem definicji terroryzmu

Author: Maria Gołda-Sobczak
Institution: UAM w Poznaniu
Author: Witold Sobczak
Institution: Akademia im. Jakuba z Paradyża w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim
Year of publication: 2018
Source: Show
Pages: 92-119
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/tpn2018.2.04
PDF: tpn/14/TPN2018204.pdf

The concept of terrorism raises serious disputes and doubts. Difficulty in defining the phenomenon of terrorism is the problem of distinguishing terrorist activities from acts committed by madmen or criminals. The considerations taken in the text concentrate on the searching for the answer to the question: is it possible to construct a commonly accepted definition of terrorism? It was necessary to refer the perception of terrorism and show the scientific approach to terrorism as a phenomenon present in the modern societies.

Podmiot, przedmiot, stan czy proces? Rozważania na temat typologii bezpieczeństwa

Author: Marek Rewizorski
Year of publication: 2015
Source: Show
Pages: 79-101
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/cip201507
PDF: cip/13/cip1307.pdf

Subject, object, state or process? Reflections on the typology of security

The purpose of this article is to analyse security in three dimensions: subjective, objective and processual, taking into account rich domestic and foreign literature. The use of literature study allows not only to review the current state of research, but it also has ordering, or systematizing character within domain of security studies. It is also a pretext for employing theoretical perspective on each of the above-mentioned aspects of security inspired largely by works of Ken Booth, Barry Buzan, Hedley Bull, John Vincent and Nicholas Wheeler.

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