Theory of individuality

Indywidualność w społeczeństwie jako propozycja owego paradygmatu w socjologii? Refleksja nad koncepcją Jana Szczepańskiego

Author: Tomasz Leszniewski
Institution: Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu
Year of publication: 2013
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Pages: 93-110
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PDF: kie/97/kie9706.pdf

Individuality in the Society as a Proposal of Such a Paradigm in Sociology? Thoughts on Jan Szczepański’s Concept

This paper attempts to provide a critical review of individuality theory as proposed by Polish sociologist Jan Szczepanski. It draws attention to the theoretical and methodological assumptions for showing their incompleteness and the need for further additions. A key thread following text are searching for theoretical roots of individuality within the classical and contemporary sociological theory that could fill some of the gaps and give a chance for more thorough understanding of the issues analyzed, which is individuality. The article highlights the importance taken by Szczepanski attempt to go beyond antinomian description of social reality and the distance the relational model, by emphasizing the role of loneliness in a person’s life.

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