Królestwo Boże na Ziemi. Wokół sporu Ludwika Królikowskiego i Jana Czyńskiego

Author: Piotr Kuligowski
Year of publication: 2015
Source: Show
Pages: 77-93
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/hso150105
PDF: hso/8/hso805.pdf
License: This article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

The Kingdom of God on earth. On the dispute between Ludwik Królikowski and Jan Czyński

The paper reconstructs the polemic between Ludwik Królikowski and Jan Czyński, unfolding in the magazine ‘Polska Chrystusowa’. Active in the Great Emigration, both authors were engaged in a dispute over the shape of the society to come.

The Dispute about the Future: Anthropocene and Sustainability as a Challenge

Author: Christoph Wulf
Institution: Freie Universität Berlin
Year of publication: 2021
Source: Show
Pages: 13-24
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/kie.2021.04.01
PDF: kie/134/kie13401.pdf

The upcoming transformations of today’s societies into sustainable societies pose numerous problems. To avoid the destruction of the foundations of life in the Anthropocene, a profound social and cultural transformation encompassing all areas of life is required. To know how this can be accomplished requires extensive research and knowledge, the reliability of which plays an important role. The more open and diverse the global world becomes, the more difficult it is to determine which facts are important and what consequences can be drawn from them for human action. Instead of a reflexive approach to the results of scientific research, today one often encounters a populist approach to science. Its results are used to support preconceived opinions. One is not interested in new findings but aims at the disparagement of people of other opinions and their hateful insult. A destructive division of society is the result of the debates that are so important for the future of humanity.

La idea de ciudad-jardín de Ebenezer Howard y su contexto histórico-cultural en Europa y América Latina

Author: Marta Lewicz-Więcław
Institution: Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna w Bielsku-Białej
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6001-6264
Year of publication: 2021
Source: Show
Pages: 109-136
DOI Address: https://doi.org/10.15804/sal202104
PDF: sal/11/sal1104.pdf

Ebenezer Howard’s idea of the garden-city and its historical-cultural context in Europe and Latin America

This text analyses how the English urban and cultural heritage influenced the European and Latin American world of the 20th century, marked by the industrial revolution, in the context of the creation of new urban centres. The main question was how Ebenezer Howard’s idea of the garden city developed in Latin America and Europe. This article aims to analyse the historical and cultural context of their implementation in developed and developing countries. The research also aims to determine to how well this vision, described as utopian, has been realised in the studied cities, considered to be the most accurate realisations of Howard’s concept in both Europe and Latin America.

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