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“Press Y to Quit the Game, or X to Resume…”: On Game Culture in the Context of Hermeneutics of Didactical Experience

Author: Łukasz Wojciech Androsiuk
Institution: Pomeranian University in Słupsk
Year of publication: 2021
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Pages: 123-138
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PDF: kie/134/kie13407.pdf

Assuming the statement, according to which video games (or the entire culture related to them) can serve as a valuable teaching material, is true, it is reasonable and justified to question the still-existing opposition and dispute that digital games must face in school environments. This fact is all the more astonishing as it is the representatives of educational environment that are currently providing particularly didactically inspiring evidence, and thus also strong arguments for this claim. At the same time, the fact that computer games have always dealt with the cultural industry, or at least as much as with culture, means that the “distrustfulness” towards digital games present in the educational space does not only have to be an expression of prejudices and moral panic. Acting from the position of a philosopher involved in the educational potential of computer games, in this text I take up to formulate a possible answer/possible answers explaining the reasons for this conjuncture. Relying on the hermeneutic method, I also suggest possible ways of reading a computer game, pointing to its didactic importance. This text is therefore directed primarily to teachers and educators interested in searching for innovative and practical educational strategies.

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