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Ecological and Non-ecological Advertising (Modern and Historical Legal Aspects)

Author: Joanna Misztal-Konecka
Institution: Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski im. Jana Pawła II
Year of publication: 2016
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Pages: 159-172
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PDF: tpn/10/tpn2016109.pdf

The European Union law and related regulations implement the conceptual framework of the sustainable development, that manifests itself as a compromise between the environmental protection and public space development, addressing the social and civilisational development. Amongst the regulations governing that issue, the ban on the advertising that encourages to act in the manner causing environmental protection hazards, is particularly interesting. The Polish law and related regulations ban to promote goods or services including the content that publicises the consumption model that is in contravention with the environmental protection policy and sustainable development policy, including but not limited to the advertising with the use of the wilderness for the purpose of promoting goods and service that have adverse impact upon the natural environment. Ecological organisations are entitled to lodge the petition to ban that kind of promotion within the framework of the civil law court procedure.

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