• Please submit your manuscripts only via e-mail to redakcja.npw[at]
  • Author of the paper should also attach an authorship declaration, copyright agreement and a declaration that the paper is not undergoing any publishing process[declaration to download].
  • We try to prevent ghostwriting and guest authorship.
  • The publication of all photographs of art works and documentation housed in libraries, museums or private collections requires a written permission of their legal owners.
  • Author can't edit the manuscript once it is submitted, thus we encourage you to send the final version of the paper.
  • The editorial staff does not return the submitted materials and reserves the right to make formal changes and add the necessary abbreviations.
  • Digital version of the journal is published under Open Access license CC BY-NC-ND.
  • We would appreciate it if you could kindly follow the guidelines below. This will facilitate editorial work and help to preserve a uniform character of the volume.


  • Language: English
  • Length: 18.000 characters with spaces (10 pages), including footnotes and bibliography and 5 plates / illustrations. In case more text or illustration space is needed, please consult it with us.
  • Image format: *.jpg
  • Image resolution: 300 DPI (for scanned illustrations)
  • Quotes highlight:
    • quotations in English – normal (Roman) style quotation marks
    • all quotations from foreign languages, as well as single foreign terms – italics
  • Title highlight:
    • works of art – italics
    • literary works – italics
    • books – italics
    • articles – no highlights
  • Bibliography placement: end of the paper


  • for books:
    • Reference in the footnote:
      Yatim (2006 : 12-24).
    • Corresponds to the bibliographic entry:
      Yatim 2006 = Othman Mohd. Yatim, Batu Aceh. Early Islamic Gravestones in Peninsular Malaysia, Museum Association of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 2006 (2nd ed.): 12-24.
  • for articles:
    • Example 1:
      • Reference in the footnote:
        Ginter (2005: 143-154).
      • Corresponds to the bibliographic entry:
        Ginter 2005 = Magdalena Ginter: “Motywy literackie w miniaturach perskich ze zbiorów polskich” (Literary Motifs in Persian Miniatures from the Polish Collections), Torunskie Studia o Sztuce Orientu (Torun Studies on Oriental Art), 2 (2005): 143-154. Eaton (2006: 240-245).
    • Example 2:
      • Reference in the footnote:
        Eaton (2006: 240-245).
      • Corresponds to the bibliographic entry:
        Eaton 2006 = Natasha Eaton, “Nostalgia for the Exotic: Creating an Imperial Art in London”, Eighteenth-Century Studies, 39/2 (2006): 227-250.
    • Example 3:
      • Reference in the footnote:
        Cartier (1998: 22-27).
      • Cartier 1998 = Michel Cartier, “Le despotisme chinois. Montesquieu et Quesnay, lecteurs de Du Halde”, in: Chine entre amour et haine. Actes du VIIIe colloque de sinologie de Chantilly, Michel Cartier (ed.), Paris 1998: 15-32.
  • for a volume with an editor:
    • Reference in the footnote:
      Malinowski (2008).
    • Malinowski 2008 = Malinowski, Jerzy (ed.): Sztuka Dalekiego Wschodu. Studia (Art of the Far East. Studies), Neriton, Warszawa 2008.
  • for an exhibition catalogue:
    • Reference in the footnote:
      Encounters (2004: 128-133).
    • Encounters 2004 = Encounters. The Meeting of Asia and Europe 1500-1800, Anna Jackson, Amin Jaffer (eds.), exhibition cat., Victoria & Albert Museum, London 2004: 128-133.
  • for primary sources (unpublished):
    • We write the name of archives or library (in parenthesis we put the original name in Latin transcription and – if need be – its abbreviation), city, signature of archival file, the title of the source, its date and folio (page) number, marking it “r.” (recto) or “v.” verso) if required.
  • When the archives name is cited more than once, write out both the full version and the abbreviation at first occurrence.
  • Please do not use such bibliographic references as ibid., op. cit. etc. in footnotes.


  1. to all submitted texts:
    • information about the author, including: affiliation, current and accurate address for correspondence, e-mail address – it's a condition for receiving an author’s copy of the contribution e.g.
      Joanna Marszałek-Kawa
      Faculty of Political Science and International Studies
      Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
      Stefana Batorego 39L,
      87–100 Toruń, Poland
      e-mail: kawadj[at]
    • ORCID ID:
  2. for a paper:
    • Titles in foreign languages should be supplied with their English translation in brackets.
    • The bibliography should mention only those works which are explicitly quoted or referred to in the paper.

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