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Przemysł zbrojeniowy Gruzji

Author: Irakli Matcharashvili
Year of publication: 2012
Source: Show
Pages: 177-199
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/npw2012210
PDF: npw/03/npw2012210.pdf

Article titled “Georgia’s arms industry,” presents a historical perspective of the development of the industry after independence of this former Soviet republic in 1991. Presented is the specificity of abandoned arm’s factories in Georgia, by the retreating Soviet Union, and the equipment produced there, as well as the difficult processes of modernization and transformation of the industry, led by the now independent Georgia, involved in the bloody conflicts of the 1990s. Discussed is also military equipment created after the Russian–Georgian war of August 2008. This war was a real detonator of changes in Georgia’s military industry, determining the number and types of equipment manufactured. The article is enriched with illustrations, showing specific types of military equipment and armament, produced by the Georgian arms industry.

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