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Rozważania co do ogólnej liczby jeńców „rosyjskich” w polskiej niewoli i odwrotnie w latach 1919–1922

Author: Lech Wyszczelski
Year of publication: 2012
Source: Show
Pages: 248-276
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/npw2012214
PDF: npw/03/npw2012214.pdf

The case of Poland–Russia war prisoners from 1919–1920 is being used by modern Russian propaganda to neutralise the impact made by Moscow admitting to the Katyn massacre. That is why the prisoners’ number as well as of those who did not return during repatriation is presented as a higher one than it is in reality. They are considered murdered or dead during Polish captivity, without presenting any historical sources that would indicate so. An intentional Polish policy to exterminate the prisoners is frequently said to have taken place. All this happens as the anti-Katyn campaign, inspired the highest Russian authorities. Polish research did not find any basis for those charges.

The characteristic feature of the campaign is treating Polish prisoners’ fate in Russian captivity with silence. It was as tragic as their counterparts’ fate in Poland. With this in mind, Polish historiography’s silence regarding this issue is inexplicable. The lack of neutralising Russian propaganda should be considered a negligence with significant consequences.

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