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The Crisis of the Westphalian System: the Problem of Sovereignty

Author: Irina Kunina
Year of publication: 2012
Source: Show
Pages: 277-284
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/npw2012215
PDF: npw/03/npw2012215.pdf

Changes of the traditional Westphalian international system affect not only the content of world politics, but also of its subjects. If over three and a half centuries the states were dominant players in international relations and global politics (primarily interstate policies), then in recent years they were pushed from this position by transnational corporations, international private financial institutions, non-governmental organizations that do not have a particular nationality and large cosmopolitan intrastate regions. These have very different purposes, someI positive towards the maintenance of a stable world development; others (e.g., terrorist organizations) sees its task in the destabilization of the status quo. States were, and still are the most important actors of world politics, acting directly and through intergovernmental organizations. The development of the world political system at the end of the 20th–21st century casts a serious challenge to the base attribute of the state as the main party of international interaction – states sovereignty.

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