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Geopolityka XXI wieku, koncepcje i mity

Author: Artur Kuzniecow
Year of publication: 2011
Source: Show
Pages: 34-41
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/npw2011102
PDF: npw/01/npw2011102.pdf

The issue of sovereignty in the modern world, particularly in the EU, is a current matter and in some cases significant (for example military and political issues) decisive.

Poland – the geopolitical giant in the 16th and 17th centuries, in 1795 it disappeared from the map of Europe for 123 years. The country was reborn in 1918 and today it acts as a stable geopolitical entity. It is the sixth country in Europe in terms of geopolitical focus of the main parameters: territory, population and GDP. Poland is of a great importance for the fate of the United Europe. One of the important myths for the Polish ethos is called Jagiellonian idea, manifested amongst other things in the Eastern Partnership initiative and the concept of “soft power”. The EU is becoming an increasingly significant “soft power” in the world. Regardless of the serious events in the Arab world, it can be said that the whole world democratizes rapidly in the spirit of soft power. Polish successes in this area are very significant and Poland is gaining new resources of attractiveness. It is becoming a more secure and comfortable place in


Poland has achieved significant results prior to its presidency of the EU, These include primarily: significant improvement in relations with its neighbours – Russia and Germany and the Eastern Partnership initiative which now takes on a special significance. Moreover, not rushing into joining the euro zone, Poland wants to participate in the EuroClub decision-making. Poland wants to prevent the development of two-speed Europe.

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