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Z problematyki kulturalnej na łamach kwartalnika „Lithuania”

Author: Joanna Mianowska
Year of publication: 2011
Source: Show
Pages: 287-295
DOI Address: http://dx.doi.org/10.15804/npw2011117
PDF: npw/01/npw2011117.pdf

Relations between Lithuania and Poland should be laid in layers not only in the sphere of interstate relations which are associated with the Polish and Lithuanian identity. It must be stated that although there have been historical disputes between our nations the countries have always enriched each other culturally. For example, Polish and Lithuanian interest in Adam Mickiewicz and Nobel laureate Czesław Miłosz work. Mutual interest in literature, painting, sculpture, music, art, film and theatre resulted in creation of the quarterly journal “Lithuania” in 1990. “Lithuania” widely presented socio-political, economic and cultural issues and not always exemplary relations between Poland and Lithuania. In the 90s famous names in Lithuanian and Polish culture were reflected on the pages of the quarterly “Lithuania”. “Lithuania” presents a work of dissidents (Tomas Venclova) and the broad spectrum of the culture of national minorities, which are a part of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Great writers Marc Chagall and Czesław Miłosz were writing about Jewish Vilnius in their times. “Lithuania” devotes much space to national minorities, for example the Ukrainian minority. The text presents information from the quarterly journal about Adam Mickiewicz Jubilee. The quarterly journal devotes a lot of attention to issues associated with our great poet and his writing. A separate topic of “Lithuania” is a presentation of similarities and differences between the Lithuanian and Polish cultures and mentalities. Classic literature in the pages of the quarterly “Lithuania” is perceived as a notion of important artistic values. However, it is a pity that during the 90s the quarterly journal lacked more references to the Lithuanian and Polish emigration literature and how they penetrated each other. It seems that the quarterly “Lithuania” owes a lot to the excellent editorial and reflections of the Chief Editor Leon Brodowski.

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