Complexities of the Mundane: Recollections

Author: Christian Pentzold
Institution: University of Bremen (Germany)
Author: Sanna Stegmaier
Institution: King’s College London (United Kingdom) & Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany)
Author: Mikka Lene Pers-Hoejholt
Institution: King’s College London (United Kingdom)
Author: Sandra Borges Tavares
Institution: King’s College London (United Kingdom)
Year of publication: 2017
Source: Show
Pages: 271-275
DOI Address:
PDF: ppsy/46-2/ppsy2017217.pdf

Conference Report: Workshop Power and Politics of Mundane Memories. Tracing, Templating and Transforming Everyday Life. London (March 24, 2017), King’s College London.


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