Presidential Power in Foreign Policyand Military Interventions. Case Study of the Selected Examples, 1958–Present

Author: Łukasz Wordliczek
Institution: Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland)
Year of publication: 2005
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Pages: 111-130
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PDF: ppsy/34/ppsy2005011.pdf

A common knowledge shapes our perception of the world and forms our understanding of political phenomena. And almost everyone could agree with the argument that circumstances influence politics. The ebbs and flows in influence, power, prerogatives, performance, and activity of many political actors are an effect of changes in the world outside of them. But one may reasonably argue: what is the cause and what is the result? Is it really true the circumstances evidently, clearly have an effect on e.g. US presidential prerogatives? Or, quite contrary, is the actual, current politics as active as the presidents used their power? The article is about how the two worlds infl uence each other, what are the mutual connections between politics and political actors’ powers.


Presidential Power foreign policy Military Interventions

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