Artificial Intelligence v. Personal Data

Author: Katarzyna Chałubińska-Jentkiewicz
Institution: War Studies Academy (Poland)
Author: Monika Nowikowska
Institution: War Studies Academy (Poland)
Published online: 10 November 2022
Printed issue: 2022
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Page no: 9
Pages: 183-191
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The world is constantly changing under the influence of new technologies. Artificial intelligence systems are currently used in many areas of human activity. Such systems are increasingly assigned the tasks of collecting and analysing personal data. The areas successfully using AI include transport, medicine, trade, marketing, and others. The number of these areas increases proportionally with the advancement of technology. We can process vast amounts of data and analyse it using IA. It is, of course, big data that sits at the heart of AI. As computing systems generally have grown in power and capacity, data consumption has grown exponentially.


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