Children with Down Syndrome in Ukraine: Inclusiveness Beyond the Schools

Author: Tetyana Semigina
Institution: Academy of Labour, Kyiv
Author: Anastasiia Chystiakova
Institution: Academy of Labour, Kyiv
Year of publication: 2020
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Pages: 116-126
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PDF: tner/202001/tner5909.pdf

Based on a survey of clients and interviews with experts, the study evaluates rehabilitation services for children with Down Syndrome provided through the out-of-school center “Socium”. It is the only non-governmental organization in Kyiv (Ukraine) which is fully engaged in physical health and sport rehabilitation of disabled children. The findings demonstrate the positive effects of sport education on the social functioning and health of children and their families. The research reveals the need for the professional support of social workers of families with children who have mental retardation, and suggests steps for improving the services and inclusiveness at the centre.


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